Tuesday, February 6, 2007

It's a Trish Adventure.

I just wanted to post to let anyone out there know that my husband is a HUGE nerd. Right now, he and his friend are playing Warcraft. They're running around each other and their characters are saying "wooo oooo" like a train. Wow.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Only Trish Has the Answer...

...except I don't.

Today ended up being a pretty good day...I found tons of cool stuff at Target in their Global Bazaar section (I know, it's just like Cost Plus). I'm trying to figure out how to decorate our living room (and hallway and office and bedroom and bathroom...). I want to do some sort of masterful mixing of framed stuff, but I have no idea where to begin. Do I get frames first? Do I pick a theme? Do I start with one somewhat-large painting to anchor the whole wall? I have no idea.

After the Target trip, I started working on my painting. I think I've been working on this thing since September (I'm kinda slow when it comes to painting). But I think I'm finally DONE! Or, semi-done. It's never really done, I suppose. But it's good enough to go up on the wall.
tree with childhood circles

But I've got lots on my mind, and I've been on the verge (or in the middle of) a breakdown all day today. Yesterday too. My dad, after being completely wonderfully healthy & insanely active his entire life, has suddenly started to have problems. He's been passing out at work...once there were people around (including the handy team of medics), but on Thursday, he was there too early, so he woke up under his desk, confused. He's been to the hospital several times now, but they don't know what's wrong. And when you don't know what's wrong, your mind thinks of every possible horrible option. HORRIBLE. I can't live without my dad. I need this to be fixed.

On top of that, we spent last Saturday at the hospital with my aunt (my dad's sister). She has Down Syndrome and lately Alzheimer's too, which apparently speeds up very quickly in those with Down. First, she refused to eat (extremely abnormal for her, since she's usually so fixated on eating). A few weeks ago, she lost the ability to talk. Then she started falling. She ended up in the hospital almost two weeks ago after a particularly bad fall, so we went to see her, with a warning from my other aunt that she was not doing well at all. We were prepared for the worst, but we were all amazed when we visited - she seemed to be alert and we thought she even recognized us. She tried to talk to my husband (she's been in love with him since the day she met him), but words wouldn't come out and her face scrunched in pain and frustration. It was a difficult day, but I'm so glad we went when we did...she passed away last night. My poor dad and uncle and grandpa...this must be so hard for them.

Well, I wish I could end this on a happier note...but how do you follow that up?

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Because Trish is Complicated Enough.

Well, you don't know that unless you know me. But I guess even if you do know me, maybe I'm not all that complicated. Or maybe it's just 'cause you don't know me that well.

Do I even know myself that well?

I do know that I like sleepytime tea.

I'm trying to come up with a new nickname. A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, it used to be Foof. My brother gave me that name after I came back from a 4th-grade camping trip and told him about Little Bunny Foo-Foo. He loved that story.

In 6th grade, I was called Ninja. My math / P.E. teacher, Pitter, called me Ninja during a rough game of pillow hockey where I unexpectedly threw myself into the middle of a fight for the pucky thing.

Foof and Ninja kinda stuck around for a while...but not really as good serious everyone-knows-you-by-your-nickname names. My hubby calls me Boo, 'cause I kinda act like the little girl from Monsters, Inc. I like Boo, but it's not for everyone to call me.

And now I'm searching for something appropriate yet fun for people to call me. TeeRish is my flickr name (check me out!), but it just doesn't have that zazz, y'know? My darling co-workers offered to call me Chunky or Chubbs (which I quite like!)...so maybe I'll try those.

Any suggestions?